Work in Progress

Upcoming projects include:

  • Steel and polished wood mantel piece
  •     Bronze leg dresser with fine caswork
  •     Bronze jacketed grandfather clock – second edition
  •     Veneered fire place screens
  •     Smaller wave cabinets
  •     lamps
  •     Meditation / shoji screens – harmony in a peaceful, private setting
  • Veneer and paper wrap mirrors

While scouting through a new stack of Sothebys and Skinners antiques and fine arts quides I located more interesting american furniture to base a few new designs on. The collections that these guides feature represent some of the finest woodwork made in this country. I look for interesting stories that support the furniture as well as important provenance and dates. Starting my work from such a foundation sparks my imagination and ties me closer to our nations history. From there, I merge the redesign and building process with a fitting contemporary metropolitan twist.


Carving the day away





Harvesting maple for future work


tree 2 1