Dominy Tall Case Clock

1809 E. Hampton Long Island ~ revisited 2003 ,Makore over pine ,Bronze frock
Brass dovetails , Vintage nails , “Torch carved” 1/2″ industrial steel plate

7´3″ tall , Silent 8 day timepiece movement by: Ray Bates – “The British Clock maker” Newfane, Vermont , Calligraphy on dial:
Barbara Stender , Norwich, Vermont  , $18,750.00






I find it nearly impossible to show intricate detail here on the internet. If you are interested in obtaining clear, crisp photographs of my work please contact me at the link below.


48“ Tilt &Turn Sunburst Table

This crotch mahogany table is large enough to seat four adults and can be tilted as seen to place out of the way for large gatherings and parties. In this inverted position the rich grain patterns make for stunning wall art. $6,250.00


48tiltbackside-b tilt-and-turn table shown here