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You know how it is when you start a new company. There are so many varying opinions about the way that you want to present yourself and the image that you want to create about your company. We had many very difficult personalities working around the clock to define who we were. After searching around we finally were able to find agreement with Gallery Furniture. They had all the things that an office needed with a little more flare than what most office furniture places exhibited. The best part is that for the extra pizzas that they were able to afford us, they were something that we could afford. Everything is excellent now. Thanks!

Selling a hip product like online casino demands that you have the office that coincides with the feel. When we opened we wanted to have a whole new look like the new casino website we were introducing to the world. Everywhere we went, however, the office furniture was lackluster, and well, boring. Refusing to go with the old “cubicle” look, we searched high and low until we finally found Gallery Furniture. They offered everything that we were looking for and then some. They had the originality that we just didn’t see anywhere else. They also had it at a price we could afford.

Figuring out where we were going to fit in with the online casino world was difficult. There are so many sites to choose from we really needed to find our niche. The place that I thought we should start is by showing our business partners that we weren’t some small operation. Wanting to represent ourselves as something more than the average online gaming company, I thought that our office should be something really spectacular. Gallery Furniture was the winning decorator who set us apart from the rest. Thank you!